Paradise Plantation

When we purchased the 97 acre Hilldale Farm we renamed it Paradise Plantation
because it is truly a beautiful paradise!
The farm is nestled in the rolling hills of Live Oak, a small town in North Florida.
The town was named for the majestic grand old oak trees that are prevalent in the surrounding areas.

Paradise Plantation has many of these grand old oak trees. Along with beautiful oaks,
there are also many huge pecan trees, thousands of Christmas trees, planted pine forest
and acres of pasture for the horses to graze on.

The plantation is also a nature preserve with many acres of beautiful woods,
a lake with a island and an abundance of wildlife.

In this beautiful setting we breed and raise Paso Fino horses.
We have recently opened the farm to the public and currently
offer boarding, Natural Horsemanship training, and Farrier services.
The view of this pristine land, majestic horses, Christmas trees,
and working farm truly makes Paradise Plantation live up to its name!

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